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Om Landmark School, Chiloda, Gandhinagar




All the students of K.G. and SR. K.G. are welcomed by the teachers everyday by class teachers warmly. The day is begin by holy prayers students performed activity songs, puzzles, drawing-charts activities, self introductions, introductions of different things etc. then they do light exercised everyday. After the prayers students are provided light snacks by the school and then the education work starts. There are two teachers in each class for K.G. section. Both teachers concentrate on each students individually. They try hard to educate student in listening, speaking, writing and reading.


The subjects like Gujarati, English, Maths, G.K. and Drawing are being taught in the school. The school education for students is homeworkless.

Different type of activities like clay work, drawing, chart making, model making action songs, cartoon show and picnic are being held for the small kids. The small kids are enjoying horse activity regularly and they are also taken to the swimming pool. The small kids like angles are grown up very easily in this institute.

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There are two sub section in the primary section. First is lower primary (std. 1st to 5st) and second is upper primary (std 6th to 8th). In the secondary section there are std. 9th and 10th. In these all sections the day is also begin with the prayer. Before that the students are given healthy breakfast from the school.

In the prayer, the activities are being managed by only students. The students perform activities like anchoring, news reading, good thoughts, action songs, singing a songs etc.

There is a limit of 40-45 students per class, so that each student can be given personal attention. The education is given in so good manner so the tuition is not required at home. Limited home work is being given in upper primary section. The teachers are using projector regularly. Examinations are held for constant evolution of students. The students who are not performing good in education, they are being personal guidance every day in a special period, in all section the healthy lunch is provided by the school. Parents meeting is also being held time to time for the better performance.

For all standard computer education is being given compulsory. There is good library facility for the extra reading for students. Students are being given books from library practicals are also taken for the upper primary and secondary section for science subject. Every week the unit test are taken regularly. The parents are given information of their child by teachers regarding educational progress. The tours and picnics are also held for the students. The students are enjoying their education in light atmosphere here.



The school is called Om Landmark Junior Science College for higher secondary section in which there is only science stream. There is semester system in this section. The highly qualified and well experienced team is there to educate students very well. The class rooms are air conditioned in this section. In each class limited students strength are taken for better education. The ultra modern labs are available in the school for practical education like chemistry lab, Physics lab and biology lab. Computer education is also being given in the school as a subsidiary subject.


Every week there is a unit test for all main subjects and the marks of their unit tests are sent to parents by SMS. So parents can also know the educational progress of their child.

The students are also given the guidance for the competitive examination like JEE, NEET and GUJCET in the school. There is no need to keep tuition at home because all the points in every subject are being cleared in the class rooms by the teachers very well in all subjects. Parents meeting is also being held time to time for the better performance. In the past two years many students got good results in board examinations.

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