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Om Landmark School, Chiloda, Gandhinagar




All type of text books approved by Gujarat board, extra educational books, note books, colour box, colour dish, set of color brush, compass box, pencil box, ball pen, scale, school bag are provided once in a year.



Lunch & Snacks

K.G. to 5th std. students are provided healthy breakfast, lunch & evening snacks and 6th to 12th std. students are provided breakfast & lunch every day.

Class Rooms

There are 30 class rooms in school which all are have enough space for sitting 40-45 students comfortable. All class rooms are clean, hygienic and enough airy.


Computer lab.

Computer Education is given in all standard so that, there is a good computer lab in school in which there are 40 computers. On the addition there are many educational CDs also which can help students for self learning.

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The school has its own modern laboratories there are chemistry lab, physics lab and biology lab in the school, which all contain enough instruments for practical education.



The library has a rich collection of books, periodicals and reference books catering to the needs of students, teachers and also has a good collection of audio/video cassettes and CDs. Besides providing a compulsory period for library children are encouraged to utilize the facilities which is available in the library during their periods and holidays.



The physical infrastructure provided in the hostel excels all the hospitality in and around the state. 

The features of the hostel that attracts a large number of prospective parents to this boarding school. Besides looking after the boarding and lodging, the hostel takes great care of the physical, emotional, intellectual and educational needs of the children. It is a home away from home. Separate blocks are provided for boys and girls. The hostel has very spacious and well-


ventilated rooms. Each child is provided with a study table, shelf, beddings etc, it has the facilities of a reading room, study hall, recreation room, audio-visual room etc. Arrangement is made for every requirement of a child such as laundry, dispensary with a resident medical officer.



Sports/Games : 쬿 study and no play makes jack a dull boy? is an old proverb which holds water even today. 

  • The hostel recognizes the importance of recreational activities and indoor and outdoor games for the proper physical development of a child. 
  • The hostel has a vast play ground, and all the materials for a variety of games and sports. 
  • Special coaches are appointed to take care of each game. 
  • The students are selected for each game according to their aptitude physical and they are drilled into professionals.
  • Indoor games include caroms, chess, table tennis, badminton etc.
  • While outdoor activities consist of basket ball, foot ball, volley ball and cricket, special training is imparted in equestrian skills, swimming, skating, yoga, malkham and marshal art.


The school provides transport facility to the staff and students. For this the school has its own buses which run on decided routes.

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